Is dbpedia-owl:affiliation of
Is dbpedia-owl:aircraftUser of
Is Area Served of
Is Asentamientos of
Is Astillero of
Is Aux of
Is dbpedia-owl:birthPlace of [142 values]
Is Birthplace of
Is dbpedia-owl:city of
Is Ciudad of
Is Ciudad Sirve of
Is Ciudadanía of
Is dbpedia-owl:country of [920 values]
Is Datos of
Is dbpedia-owl:deathPlace of [28 values]
Is Debuts of
Is dbpedia-owl:distributor of
Is Estadio of [11 values]
Is dbpedia-owl:ethnicity of
Is Etnia of
Is Extra of
Is Foundation of
Is dbpedia-owl:foundationPlace of
Is Fundación of
Is Fábrica of [11 values]
Is dbpedia-owl:headquarter of [29 values]
Is dbpedia-owl:homeArena of [13 values]
Is dbpedia-owl:homeStadium of [16 values]
Is dbpedia-owl:hometown of [14 values]
  • China (es)
Is dbpedia-owl:languageRegulator of
Is Localización of [34 values]
Is dbpedia-owl:locatedInArea of
Is dbpedia-owl:location of [83 values]
Is Location of
Is dbpedia-owl:locationCity of
Is Location City of
Is Location Country of
Is dbpedia-owl:locationCountry of [20 values]
Is Lugar of [21 values]
Is Lugar Celebración of
Is Lugar De Fallecimiento of
Is Lugar De Nacimiento of [28 values]
Is Lugar De Residencia of
Is Lugar Fallecimiento of
Is Lugar Nacimiento of
Is Lugardenacimiento of [12 values]
Is Lugares of
Is Lugarnac of
Is Lugar Nacimiento of
Is dbpedia-owl:mainOrgan of
Is dbpedia-owl:militaryUnit of
Is MRI3 Lugar of
Is MV Lugar of
Is Nacionalida of
Is Nacionalidad of [82 values]
Is dbpedia-owl:nationality of [158 values]
Is dbpedia-owl:occupation of
Is Operadores of
Is Origen of
Is dbpedia-owl:origin of
Is Pais of
Is Paisdenacimiento of [26 values]
Is Paisfallecimiento of
Is País of [53 values]
Is País De Origen of
Is País De Residencia of [33 values]
Is Países of
Is PD Lugar of
Is dbpedia-owl:pictureDescription of
Is dbpedia-owl:place of [38 values]
Is PPI Lugar of
Is PRI2 Lugar of
Is PRI Lugar of
Is foaf:primaryTopic of
Is Procedencia of
Is dbpedia-owl:product of
Is Productos of
Is Proveedores Extranjeros of
Is dbpedia-owl:province of
Is dbpedia-owl:regionServed of [12 values]
Is Regreso of
Is dbpedia-owl:residence of [13 values]
Is Residencia of
Is Residencia Art of
Is Retiro of
Is Retiros of
Is Sede of
Is Sede Central of [15 values]
Is Sitio of
Is dbpedia-owl:spokenIn of [21 values]
Is Superior of
Is dbpedia-owl:team of [12 values]
Is Tema of
Is dbpedia-owl:type of
Is Ubicación of
Is Venerado En of
Is dbpedia-owl:veneratedIn of
  • 2807396 (xsd:integer)
  • 40 (xsd:integer)
  • 1 (xsd:integer)
  • 77502802 (xsd:integer)
Is dbpedia-owl:wikiPageWikiLink of [16510 values]
Is Zonas Afectadas of
Is Área De Influencia of
Is Área De Transmisión of [16 values]
Is Áreas Afectadas of